all hope is gone

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Sinombré I: All Hope is Gone

01. Nothing Left Here (Part I) ©Paul Miro

02. End of Days* ©Paul Miro

03. All Hope is Gone ©Paul Miro

04. Suddenly Righteous ©Paul Miro

05. Wilderness ©Paul Miro

06. Nest of Vipers ©Paul Miro

07. No Party ©Paul Miro

08. Travelogue ©Paul Miro

09. Night Fall ©Paul Miro

10. Find the Beast** ©Paul Miro

11. Devil Man Jump ©Paul Miro

12. Fall From Grace ©Paul Miro

13. Swimming in the Dowling Pool*** ©Paul Miro

14. The Only Devil ©Paul Miro

15. Sun’s Gonna Shine ©Paul Miro

16 Nothing Left Here (Part II) ©Paul Miro

Written, performed, recorded, produced, mixed & engineered by Paul Miro

Mastered by Dave Draper

Special guests: * Tony Wright – narrator, ** Emily Ewing – heavenly siren vocals, *** Willie Dowling – harpsichord, organ, backing vocals, misanthropy.

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