With preparations for the launch of the pledge campaign for my next solo album, Sinombre, getting closer to completion and a virtual non-stop studio schedule writing stuff for TV and commercial libraries, I have decided to further decrease the likelihood of my getting any sleep by remixing the four Apes Pigs and Spacemen Eps that were released independently via the band’s original website.

This has been something I’ve been planning to do for some time. Many people missed out on them when they were originally released and have expressed a desire to get hold of them. In addition, with studio facilities now being far in advance of anything available at the time, I wanted to give the songs the mixes they deserved.

This is not a small undertaking, far more than just a few mix tweaks - many weeks of labour have already gone into rebuilding the tracks from the original files. All drums and guitars have been replaced, as well as some other source sounds, and it now remains to do some detailed (but huge-sounding) mixes, whilst retaining the essence of the original versions.

All four Eps (Monkey Mettle, Simple Simian, Dirty Monkey and Fives) and, time permitting, three bonus tracks will be completely remixed, and the legendary Dave Draper will remaster them. The Entire collection (a minimum of 17 tracks, but possibly 20) will be released as a dat DVD entitled Ape-ology.

The DVD will contain full .aif and mp3 versions of all songs, lyrics, and all the original artwork, most of which was done by Apes guitarist Cain Paisley.

I’ll let you know when everything is ready. As usual, other stuff is inevitably going to get in the way of my getting this finished in the timescale I have in my head, but I am hoping to get this collection out before my next solo album.

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