The Pledge Music campaign for my new album is now entering its final few weeks.
Seeing as only people who have already pledged have access to the updates on the Pledge site, I thought I would write a blog/ schedule here so that everyone knows what’s going to occur.

The first ‘big’ announcement is the launch of the digital download of the full album on 1st July. Everyone who has pledged will automatically receive a link to the download on the date of release. This download will only be available to pledgers - the commercial digital release will not be in online stores until some weeks after the physical CD release, which is scheduled for the beginning of August.

I know a lot of people who have been waiting to pledge until the album is ready to download or, in some cases, until the CD is released. It is perhaps worth me making one point here. During the course of the campaign, I have gone to great lengths to provide pledgers with as much free, exclusive bonus content as possible. Some of this content will remain available until the close of the campaign. Other exclusives, including some store items, will start to disappear once the digital download goes live.

Just to give non-pledgers an idea of the free content that has been/will be available:

Exclusive live acoustic video performances of a number of tracks from the album. These versions will never be released.

A free full-length live album ‘Live Undangerous’ recently recorded. This is worth the price of a pledge in itself, but is available completely free and will not be released commercially. This exclusive is only available until 7th July and you will need to pledge on or before this date if you wish to grab the album.

Numerous behind-the-scenes videos.

Free full-production tracks to download - again, these will not be released commercially.

Numerous exclusive previews of promotional videos.

And there will be yet more updates and free exclusives.

This is not so much a sales pitch as a reminder that all of this content will disappear at the conclusion of the campaign, some of it sooner. From experience, I am fully anticipating a bunch of past-the-deadline requests for stuff that is no longer available, so I’m getting in front of all that by stating quite simply that when it’s gone, it’s gone and, if you want all the free bonus stuff, you need to pledge.

I’ve also received a number of messages from people saying that they aren’t bothered about all the pledge malarkey, but will pick up a CD from me at a gig. As things stand, aside from the private/ house gigs for which people have pledged, I don’t think I am likely to be playing any live shows in conjunction with the new album’s release so, again, if you want to get hold of the album, pledging is the safest option.

So far, the pledge journey has been a high-octane thrill ride, and there are still a few weeks of fun ahead. None of it could have happened without the support of everyone who has pledged so far. Thanks once again to everyone for getting behind the campaign with such phenomenal enthusiasm and making it possible for the album to become a reality that I can share.

And for those who wish to get involved, the pledge link is here

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