As those of you who follow me on social networks will have seen, the second volume of my Sinombré project, Broken Angels will be released on CD on 2nd July 2018.

It is quite a milestone moment, and I feel a huge sense of relief that, after so many unavoidable delays, I am going to be able to share the album with you. The level of interest and curiosity and number of people wanting to listen to and own Broken Angles has played no small part in my trying to speed the process along.

To make this campaign even more personal, it will be run exclusively from my web store miromart.com. For practical reasons, it will be a more streamlined campaign than the one for the previous album, with the main focus being on the CD itself.

Here’s a sneak preview of what will be available:

Broken Angels CD (obviously!)

Get your name on the album thanks (limited numbers)

A one-off hardback notebook containing handwritten lyrics to every song from volumes I & II of Sinombré in the original planned running order.

Handwritten lyrics of your choice

‘Colour notes’ – As I have mentioned a few times, I have a condition called synaesthesia, which, in my case, means I see sounds as colours, and many of my original ideas for songs are jotted down as random colours. To me, these act as visual reminders that are as effective as audio recordings. A number of people have expressed an interest in getting hold of one of these ‘sketches’, and I’ll be selling a limited number of those relating to songs from the album, each of which would have been made before the tracks came into existence.

Everyone who pre-orders will receive a free downloadable PDF special full colour lyric booklet, with artwork by Haluk Gurer.

A limited edition poster featuring the ‘CD panel’ artwork from All Hope is Gone.

All of the exclusives will also include a signed copy of the CD.

To clarify: the album will only be available in CD format. I do not plan to make it available to download or stream.

I have already received a number of messages from friends overseas, especially in the US, concerned about shipping because of some of the crazy politics that is currently causing chaos. Obviously, I can’t predict what other crazy policies world leaders will enact in the near future, but as things stand, there should be no problems shipping your orders to wherever you live. Shipping charges will, of course, apply.

Because there will be no pledge-type database of automatic updates and shared mailouts, every aspect of this campaign is going to be reliant on old fashioned ‘street team’ mentality. Social network shares, word of mouth, sharing of links to my web store, and generally harassing friends into submission are all encouraged.

You are the reason that this album is happening, and, this time around, we will all be working together even more closely to make it a success.

I consider myself immensely privileged to have such an amazing bunch of people supporting what I do. Thanks for being amazing! I cannot wait to share this album with you.


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