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1 – Bad Bad Day (Miro)©
2 – Some Kind of Heaven (Miro)©
3 – True at First Light* (Miro)©
5 – Not Sorry (Miro©
6 – Ask Anyone* (Miro)©
7 – My Lucky Day (Miro)©
8 – Don't Ask Why (Miro)©
9 – The One (Miro)©
10 – The Best Days of Our Lives (Miro)©
11 – (Please Don't) Me Gone (Miro/Young)
12 – Bring Out Your Dead (Miro©
Performed, Recorded, Produced, Mixed By Paul Miro.<
Mastered by Dave Draper at FFG.
Pedal Steel on tracks marked * Maurice Hipkiss
Mix Engineer on track 12: Dave Draper
Recordings © Miro Phat Monkey 2009.
All songs copyright control. Recorded at Primeape Studios.

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